Frankenstein and YouTube

June 20, 2008

Hello people,
Welcome to one more episode of Thursday Night with Ivan Quadras!!! (Waits for the applause to calm down) Thank you, thank you!!! Hope your week’s been good and fruitful, unlike mine… I was just waiting for this day coz I had nothing else to look forward to, seriously!!! Now that’s an all-time low, but well, we can’t have all the fun all the time, right??? These jobs in technology get boring after a while. When they show you how technology is changing, how it has changed today’s world, how it has made life easy, how staying in technology is one tough piece of work coz you need to be on your toes all the fucking time, I’d say bullshit!!! Look at me, do you think I can match the pace of technology???

Read in a newspaper article last week – a group of American teenage girls got together and ganged up one of their friends and beat her black and blue. Why??? So that they could post the video on YouTube!!! What!!! Yeah right!!! I’m not drunk, and I’ve read the report right. And for your info, the battered girl has a damaged eye, a damaged ear, head injuries and other injuries. All for a video.

Now before you start thinking that I’ve started wearing tight-constricted drawers, and started carrying placards of “We Are Decent Citizens”, let me assure you that I am as unholy, decadent, liberated, debaucherous & rebellious as most of you. Alright, alright, more than you. But what I’d like to point out is – Is technology moving faster than we can get hold of it? Have we like the fictional Frankenstein created a monster in our quest for ultimate glory and excellence, that is now beyond our control? I’m in no way suggesting clamp-down on YouTube and all such mediums; rather they should be made more accessible for the sense of freedom and independence and unity they provide. But how do we solve such issues, where inhuman crimes are committed at the altar of technology?

And before anyone comes up with, “This happens only in America. We Indians are not fools/indecent/uncultured”, let me assure you, the article in question came as a supplement to a larger article about how this same kind of incident happened at a school in Dadar, and that too among 5th graders. Yes sirree, but thankfully no one was injured. They had gotten together to fight for the same reason – to shoot themselves and post a video on YouTube.

Maybe like every other thing, even technology has its other side. Like illegal voyeurisms that turn into MMS Scandals. But I wish there should be some way to enjoy the fruits of anything, without coming to harm from it.

In passing, the reason given by both the set of people in doing such an act was to “Look Cool”. Well, if that’s what it takes to be cool, I’d rather prefer being Hot. Which incidentally, I am. My legions of female fans scream, holler, throw their inner wear at me when I take center-stage. Alright, not the last one, but its good to keep dreaming right???

Rock ON People!!! Have A Nice Weekend!!! And maybe someday you’ll get to watch me in action on YouTube!!!


4 Responses to “Frankenstein and YouTube”

  1. Harpreet Says:

    Did I forget to mention that u write awesome stuff?U shud write articles for the newspapers…..

  2. Malcolm Says:

    Now this was worth the read …

  3. Avi Says:

    One more Gem ….
    Behatareen As Always …
    Keep Rocking (Our pants, as you like to say it …) !!!

  4. Ankush Gugnani Says:

    Dude, u r such good at writing!!!!!!!!!! why dont u pursue it seriously?????????

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