Insensitivity and Lovable Lingerie

June 20, 2008

Good Fellas & Rock-n-Rollahs,

Waaaaaassssssssssssssssssssssssssssuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppppppppppppp PEOPLE??? (Waits for the screams and shrieks to calm down)!!! How you been doing? (Crowd screams “GREAT”) Alright, it’s good to see all of you (Note to all who share space with my female fan following, kindly pick up all those who have fainted and fallen and take them to an airy space where they can breath easily. And DO NOT try to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. They’re MY fans, they’ll come to soon)

I know, I know it’s been a long time, but I’ve been touring all this while and have been kept very very busy by my travails, exploits and my pretty cheergirls 🙂 This past few weeks have been full of action (wink, wink) and drama and glory and fame and adulation and praise and love and cheers and lots of things!!! And I want to thank you all for that, because you give me all these things, which pushes me to carry on, to go on, and keep writing to you!!!

While on the personal front, all’s going hunky-dory, I see a lot of disturbances in the nation and the world in general. From the Gujjar riots to the Gorkha shutting-down of Darjeeling, from the IPL shenanigans to the Euro Cup extravaganza, from the brutal murder of a 15-year old in Noida to the senseless and remorseless chopping (I couldn’t use any other word) of a lover in Aamchi Mumbai, we’ve read, seen and heard lots. So I won’t repeat what others must have already done through opinions, edits, columns, letters, placards, posters, bra-burnings, etc. OK, so not the last one, but it seemed a worthy addition 😉 What I’ll touch upon is as usual, the Ivan take on the issue.

Murder has been an evil outgrowth of society since times immemorial. In fact, the Holy Bible puts down Cain’s brutal killing of his brother Abel as the world’s first murder. 2 heinous crimes have been committed within a space of 2 days from each other, albeit in different cities. The media has dissected them both, the police have botched one up and done a good job with the other, people have shouted themselves hoarse, but I believe that belies the point. Murders have been happening since times immemorial; in fact, we have a rich history of brothers killing brothers, uncles killing nephews, and relatives letting loose their swords on their kin for love of throne, woman, or both. So these killings do not horrify me (as if anything would). Nor do the mannerisms of the killings. What horrifies me, fills me with terror and shame and makes me wanna puke, is the public response and media handling of these 2 cases.

One one hand, we have the Arushi murder case. The media has gone all guns to prove whomever they feel like as the killer. Yesterday it was her father, then her mother, then the domestic help, and now maybe the cable-wallah who came to repair the TV that day. And a large media house goes out and tries to portray it in a popular TV serial. Whose TRPs increase when the promos, which are disturbingly similar to the Arushi Murder Case, start airing. And on the other hand, we have the Neeraj Grover Murder Case, where a man kills him in a fit of anger, proceeds to have sex twice while the body lies beside him (and they call me kinky… ewww) and then chops him into 600 pieces and burns him off. And a woman is his counterpart in all the previous steps that I stated. And here again, producers and directors come out with scripts for the saga, offering to cast the woman, a convict in their movies.

What I’m trying to point out is the rank insensitivity that we’ve reached. Wars no longer hurt us, murders no longer scare us, rapes no longer faze us. Have we become an end-of-the-world people? This is what fills me with fear. Man has always been striving to improve technologically, economically, and progress beyond all races. But perhaps we’ve started paying the price for it. Because I firmly believe that this world will end not due to an Apocalypse or a calamity or a star shooting down on earth; but it’ll end when all of humanity loses its sensitivity. Losing the one thing that makes us human. Its not our courage, its not our brains, its not our survival skills that makes us humans, its our humanitarian sensitivity which makes us that. And the day we lose that, I guess we’ll be doomed.

So long fellas!!! I know each one of you fans is a lovable one and I love you all!!! On the point of Lovable and bras, I was wondering if I should gift one of my cheergirls a nice pair of lingerie??? I think I’ll do that 😀 So while I go shopping for some, you go get some!!! And all you lovely ladies, keep those air-kisses coming. I’ll be personally coming to each one to get more 😉 Rock on fellas!!! Have fun!!!


3 Responses to “Insensitivity and Lovable Lingerie”

  1. Rohit Patkar Says:

    Hi Ivan:
    Thanks for keeping me posted. I like and share your views about the end of the world not because of an Apocalypse or a meteor out of the sky but human insensitivity. But human insensitivity need not be in the form of brutal homicides, nuclear wars ,rape etc …. Its also in the form of humans wasting natural resources for their petty comforts,total negligence of responsibility towards mother earth,anarchic behavior of the so called educated ,sophisticated and responsible people.
    The best example at hand is we people in the IT industry. When we leave the office for the day what do we do ? We just lock our computers and go home without even turning off the monitor. WTF !!! We should SHUT DOWN the PC’s when we leave. And then we go and complain the government isn’t doing enough to solve the load shedding problem.
    Another point is offices providing paper napkins in the wash rooms .WTF !!! What do we have our cotton handkerchief for ? And we complain the forests are disappearing . I cringe to see this and many such things happening around me every day.

    What sacrilege !!!

    And who is responsible ?? We are…

    We all know about the Butterfly effect right ? Well it says this “A butterfly flapping its wings at a place can cause a storm 400 miles away”.
    So we understand that each one of us is connected one way or the other and what ever we do or do not do will have ramifications that will effect us all.

    As long as we all do not understand our responsibilities in sustaining our lives on planet earth I guess we should WELCOME GLOBAL WARMING with open arms ,KISS our PLANET GOOD BYE and start looking for SOME OTHER PLANET to HABITAT.

  2. Soumyadeep Mishra Says:

    Dude, you simply rock in watever you have ur hands on !!!
    Your writings and the ease with which you express ur thoughts are simply exemplary.
    Its practically of no use, going thru The Hindu’s ‘Opinion’ section on Thursday for ppl preparing for CAT. They can simply read through the ‘Thursday Night with Ivan Quadras’ and feel great.
    Add one more name to ur fan’s list from now on (dat of mine), if u are generous enuf to have fans as ordinary as us 🙂

  3. AlexM Says:

    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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