Of Rains and Love’s Arms

August 13, 2008

It is a great moment, these rains. They have the power to make you feel in this make-believe world of human egos, technological wonders and disillusioned futures of the power of Nature and of God. It is one thing, that we in our entire scientific knowledge and amassed civilized wisdom of centuries haven’t been able to create. We understand how it rains, but we are not able to replicate it. Alright, some scientists are toying with it, on a small scale, and are trying to replicate it. But I do not think it is possible to recreate it completely. Or it won’t have the same magic. The magic that a little drop of rain creates, when it patters down the sidewalk, when it falls on my cheek and wets it, when it drops in my outstretched palm and I hold on to it as if to savor it forever.

The wet chilly weather makes you wake up lazily, shut everything off, grab a cup of coffee, and just stand at your window, looking out at the greenery outside. Some people even prefer taking out their vehicles, with their bunch of friends or significant others, and go for a long drive or run off to a valley or mountain, to enjoy the lush greenery. The rains make you do things you normally wouldn’t do while sane. You do not wish to bathe, because you do not see the point in bathing. You do not wish to clean up anything since you are not in the mood to welcome any guest. You are not in the mood to eat anything too. All you want to do is curl up in your bed, with the furriest blanket that you got, and watch TV, read a book, or just plain dream on.

But it’s even special when you spend a rainy day with a loved one. The smell of her body, the fall of her hair, the wonderful togetherness that you share, is inexplicable. The whole day is just one long siesta for love, and you can never seem to feel content of her touch, her fragrance, her embrace, her breath. The day seems to be made for love, and you don’t want it to end. Both of you do not feel the need for the normal daily chores of life, like eating, bathing, taking calls, etc. Ask any couple in love and they’ll tell you that it was their most joyous moment ever. And yet, the day seems small and you desperately try to lengthen it. So that you can feel her more, touch her more, love her more.

I’ve no such luck with a woman’s arms. So maybe I’ll enjoy the coffee and the greenery and the rains and the cold weather. A book is a good company, so what if it can’t hold you and kiss you back 😉


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