Faith, Hope and Love…

December 31, 2008

Heya my peeeeeeeeeeeps!!!

I know most of you must be dressing up for the event of the year – saying good-bye to the year 2008!!! So while you dress up for that much awaited do, or get ready for mass, or hit out the roads with a bunch of friends, or sadly, go to work or sit out in front of the TV, I’ll try to liven up the atmo by putting in my usual 2-bit of nonsense…

Well, well, well… Or rather whew, whew, whew!!! What a roller-coaster of a year this has been… And if you think like any sad columnist I’m going to list out the major events of this year, you are sadly mistaken… You can refer to all that in the newspapers, which in their usual pompous sense of occasion, bring out the ‘best-of’ and ‘worst-of’ and ‘happening’ and ‘not-happening’ lists of the year gone by… All I know is that it was a ‘Whew’ year…

The events in the past few months have marred the spirit of this Christmas & New Year… Terror Attacks in Bombay (once again!!!), economic depression looming in front of us, lay-offs happening all around, smelly Iraqi shoes being thrown at Bush (now that’s something cheerful 😀 😀 😀 )… we can go on and on and on… And everywhere I read, it is the same old story… Parties being cancelled, celebrities keeping it low, people planning to spend time at home and with loved ones, rather than partying the night away… Why so Serious, buddy??? Why such despair???

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Heya peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppppsssssssssss,

Yeah yeah yeah… Yadayadayadayada… I know I’ve been out of sight and away from the limelight… Away from the prying eyes of the lensmen and the papparazzi who crowd my mansion gates everyday to get a glimpse of me… Well, I hope in all this while I haven’t been out of mind… Well, for those who still remember me and have fond memories cherished in their hearts, fear not, I’m back, though not completely, but yes, take heart – I DO REMEMBER YOU!!! LOVE YOU!!!

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