Good Morning – Joke For The Day!!!

August 31, 2009

Gooooooooooooooodddddddd Mooooooorrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnniiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg peeeeehhhhhppppppuuuuuuuuuuulllllllll.
Yeah, yeah, I know I’ve been erratic and it’s not at all good fer yer health, but well, slip-ups do happen once in a while… Now if I was one of those run-of-the- mill types who don’t care for their readers and churn out any rubbish just to keep their mag going, I would have had no problem keeping up the jokes everyday. But with me, Quality matters. So I scour the whole world, searching for gems, so that I satisfy your hunger for only the best. I know I’m spoiling you rotten, but well, that’s love now, ain’t it 😉 😉 😉

Have you ever read a book while travelling in the train? I’m not talking about your long-distance trains that take you to or away from home, depending which side of the horizon you are looking from. I am talking about our daily local trains, which ferry globs of human flesh devoid of free will and spirit, to places where given a chance, their very eye-lashes wouldn’t go. Try reading a book there and see the reaction. Especially when you are standing towards the exit and are obviously going to get down. A perverse nature and an absolutely senile mind can only produce the reactions that the faces of the people around you seem to possess then. Every single nut will ask you, " Bhai sahab, aap utrenge na?", "Sir, you going to get down right?". Now this wouldn’t have been funny if they asked everyone else, or asked you when you weren’t reading something. But it becomes a real nuisance when you know that the question they ask is not actually a question, but an hint at projecting you as a stupid, ignorant fellow, who doesn’t have better things than reading a book.

How many of us read? Oh, I am not asking the usual lot. More than half the people I know read nowadays. Ask them when they started reading, and it’d be something just after college, or maybe in the later years of college. Some are of course, blatant in stating that they don’t read at all. I love these people. At least there is no pretense. But the majority of us, have taken up reading, coz maybe there was nothing else to do, or horror of horrors, someone else was doing it. But well, it’s a good habit, no matter when you begin. Just don’t give it up for anything in the world. I’ve not given it up in almost 20 years. at least better than watching the boob tube. Fro the uninitiated, it’s called TELEVISION. It’s the humongous monster, like a hydra-headed beast, which devours all imagination, and creates mindless zombies.

Research has shown that the human mind finds the visual more appealing than the textual. Hence, the birth of Powerpoint. However, television is worse than this. With visuals flowing across the tube at the speed of a jet plane, it doesn’t allow the human mind to think, to ponder, to really analyze. It is like food that goes directly past one’s oesophagus to the rectum, bypassing the intestines, the stomach and all in between. So all that you see is regurgitated as crap. Hence, I do not watch movies made of books. It limits one’s imagination. Why should I wish to view the book’s interpretation from someone else’s viewpoint, when my own is much better and more colorful?

Next time, do not get angry when someone asks you whether you are getting down just coz you are reading a book. Coz the joke is not on you, its on them.

Happy Reading!!!


One Response to “Good Morning – Joke For The Day!!!”

  1. Milind Says:

    Nice one, Infact i faced a similar situation in a train, the guy somewhere around 40 asked me ‘Utaroge kya?’ I told him jab train station pe rukeki tab utarunga. Hearing my answer n in the tone i said it, made him wild n started verbally fighting with me, but i enjoyed his reaction. The audience needs to grow up n take others responsibly.

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