The dark side of the moon, the gun in the son-of-a-gun, the life of the party. I am Ivan Quadras. The one, perhaps the only.

If this is the first time we’re meeting, remember this day dear reader, for you’ll look back upon it fondly.

If you’re one of my loyal fans who just stopped by this page, because, well .. you’re a fan of mine, .. welcome back!


6 Responses to “About Ivan Quadras”

  1. Tushar Chavan Says:

    tu nahi sudhrega saley…

    anyways keep on writing someday might u get a real fan club (LOL)

    Tushar Chavan

  2. Aniket Says:

    i seriously agree with tushar… u’ve got it man! just cultivate well!

  3. Sandeep Says:

    I m really a gr8 fan of urs….hehehehehe…can’t even forget that 1st day of our training at ML Tower…hehehehehe…remember buddy wen u jst stood up to the trainer and said #@#$%…hehehehe…well keep on writing…i simply love ur mails and now this blog too.. 😀

  4. Prasad Gupte Says:

    I agree to everything that you’ve related to… but there’s a lot more… i have been a silent reader of your blog for quite some time now… and the reading experience has been, infact, not better than talking things with you, great !!!
    keep up the good work!
    would like to hear more from you about the economy, terrorism, sports & even some politics..
    salut to your literary expertise & thanks for sharing it with us
    best wishes

  5. tushar chavan Says:

    are u still alive???????????

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