Webster’s Definition of metadata:

metadata: data that provides information about data.

Metadata is a term that has originated from Information Technology, and I hope you know what it means. Now, if you don’t, then well, do contact me with your name and address. I’ll register you with NASA as proof of life that exists out of Earth, and we’ll make a cool booty out of you – an alien.

So what is this page about? It’s about the blog, dumbass. You see, I specialize in overload of information, such that it paralyzes you, freezes you into inaction, and then I can coolly take your thumb-stamp on a piece of legal paper and pocket all your inheritance. Grand plan, innit? But Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it! You know, I just, do things. Alright, Alright, enough with the Joker catch-phrases; I’ve started to get bored of them now.

This page was made so that you may understand what’s what in my blog. I don’t think you will, but well, information overload never hurt anyone.


  • Home: Where you’ll find me and my recent posts. And maybe some intellect and wisdom amd knowledge and charm and courage and passion and love and sex and fun and games and…
  • About Ivan Quadras: It’s about yours truly. Now all that’s there isn’t exactly true, but it isn’t exactly false either. To tell you the truth, I myself don’t know what it is true and false about me. The past is a hazy kaleidoscopic purply riot of flashing skirts, flowing booze and see-through panties and the future looks bleary enough. The present, is well, captured in a web-page. HELP ME!!!!!!!!
  • Glitterati – The Star In Pictures: For the obit press. When they find me. You’d obviously like to have pictures don’t ya? To save them, and then morph them with you beside them. Then show your kids when your old that you knew the great Ivan Quadras. Your attempts at cheap fame and publicity make me sick.
  • Metadata: Now, do I give data about data that gives data about data? Then you’ll ask me data about data that gives data about data that gives data about data. SHUT UP!!!!


  • Thursday Nights with Ivan Quadras: The one, the only. My original show on this side of the planet. Maybe on the other side too. It’d be too costly to find out anyways. Well, imitation is the best form of praise.
  • Ramble On: The ramblings of a troubled mind. Everything under the sun, my sun that is. Anything outside that is not worth commenting.
  • RearView Mirror: Postings about views from the rear. Completely assed out reviews, keping in theme of the RearView Mirror. Because in the end, what you see is what you want to see. The RearView. Delicious 😀
  • Artistic Explorations: This is something that I do when I’m on drugs. Literary forays, just like band members go on solo projects to explore their creativity. Mostly sane, due to the drug abuse, and are my official submissions to magazines/newspapers/websites/media.

There, that’ so much information for now. And this will keep growing. Because, there is no end.


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